Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cottage curtains from vintage tablecloth

When we had our family vacation in Brainerd last month, we hung out at a resort and did almost no shopping. Unusual for me- I am not a big shopper, but am known for doing some damage at Target when I get to the US! When we crossed the border and said our total shopping totalled under $100, the border guard looked at me funny.....What did I buy? Well, there was the life sized Edward that you met modelling my scarf here (" A what???" he asked), a book of Paul Bunyan tales from 1938, and a vintage tablecloth. I had my eye out for one for awhile, after being inspired by this picture in a thrifty decorating magazine:(I am pleased to report my tablecloth only cost $18, not $24 as quoted in the article. Score!)

So, I took my scissors to it, and transformed it into kitchen curtains for the cottage as follows:

A little bit of color and vintage feel to liven up my tiny kitchen, and I love it. Simple, but lovely, I think!


LittleMoo said...

These curtains are adorable! What a fabulous idea.

Lisa said...

CUTE!!!! The curtains I mean. Although, Edward is ok. (I am more of a Jacob fan myself...)