Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The latest

Lots of crafting stuff on the go lately, including some squares cut for my next quilt-in-progress. Did you know that I have completed 12 quilts to date, but not a single one has been for me or my family? I love giving them away, but have vowed that the next few will be for my own kids, the hubby and me....need one to snuggle with as the winter closes in on us! Anyways, this one here is intended for Big G, my son who will turn 7 (!!) in January. I am going scrappy and using a total of almost 100 (!! again!) fabrics in this one, inspired by this quilt I saw during the Blogger's Quilt Festival. So much fun to revisit so many of my favorite fabrics :-) Hope to get it done in time!
Also working on some SECRET projects...Christmas presents, including a Christmas swap that I am doing through Little Miss Shabby. My partner is the lovely Sue in Australia. We have quite different styles so it has been a fun challenge to "think outside the box" a bit! I have been working hard to get everything made so that it can be mailed with some hope of reaching her in time for the holidays! Here is a sneak peak of part of her Christmas package....
Promise to have "full reveals" of these and other WIPs soon!


Kim said...

I love the colours in your Christmas swap project. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Kelly Irene said...

I like all the fabrics I see in the quilt in progress!
I think secret projects are the worst for bloggers. I have so many I want to share right now but can't because I will ruin too many surprises :( That will make January blogging easier though!