Monday, February 7, 2011

conversations with my kids

An interesting discussion with my 3 year old daughter, Last But Not Least:

LBNL: Mom, when I was in your tummy, how did I get out? Did I rip your stomach? Did you bleed?

Me: Well, came out of my BUM

LBNL: Like a big poop?

Me: Sort of, but not into the toilet. We had you in a hospital, on a bed. I had to hold my legs up, like this. (demonstration provided)

LBNL: hysterical giggles

Me: We were sooooo excited, and couldn't wait to have you and see if you were a boy or a girl

LBNL (matter-of-fact): Well..... I had EYELASHES, so that is how you know I am a girl.


In December I went with the girls to visit Santa, who was one with a real beard. Last But Not Least was looking at him strangely....."His beard has some brown in it. It is supposed to be white! I know what happened! He went to the cottage in the summer and forgot to cover his beard with sunscreen and it got too brown!"


On the way to school, a symphony of "pee" and "poop" with giggles coming from the back seat.
Me: Kids! We don't use those words, please.
Big G: But Mom, "P" is also a letter in the alphabet, so it's not a bad word.
Me: Then you can say "P" if you are spelling or singing the alphabet song.
From the peanut gallery: "P-ig!" "P-et!" "sto-P!" "P-lay!" "underwear!"
Me: Underwear doesn't have "P" in it
Big G: It does if you wet your pants!


When eating Smartie cookies, choosing the one with the "right" color of Smartie is paramount when you are 5 like The Middle Child. We were enjoying such a treat when she selected the perfect cookie for her Cookie Monster Mom.

TMC: Here, Mom, this one has green, yellow and blue Smarties. That includes 2 primary colors and one secondary color!

Me: Wow! Which is the secondary color?

TMC: Green, of course, along with orange and purple!

Talk about a Smartie :-)


Garandpa E said...

You made my day. Thanks for sharing.

Tawny said...

Bwahaha "It does if you wet your pants!" That just made my day. :D

Little Blue Mouse said...

'It does if you wet your pants' cracked me up!

Rebecca Waddell said...

Hilarious! Can't wait till E starts talking too!

Debbie said...

hahahahah! love their Underwear joke!

felicity said...

Me: Underwear doesn't have "P" in it
Big G: It does if you wet your pants!