Saturday, March 5, 2011

good things...

1. My painfully shy son, holding a "Star Student" award from his teacher for reading a book aloud IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS!!

2. My baby girl, looking so grown up, posing with her framed creations at her preschool Art Auction fundraiser.
3. A sweet little 2 year old student- the winner of the tree quilt! My son actually cried when he realized we weren't taking it home...."But you worked so hard on it Mommy, won't you miss it?"

4. Rainbow colored knit slippers....I was planning to knit a pair but came across these at a BAKESHOP for only $6.75!!

5. These alarmingly delicious cinnamon buns, also from said bakeshop (they cost much more than the slippers!).

6. This gorgeous grey and sequined (!!!) wool that I bought at the local yarn shop....not sure what it will become yet, maybe this hat?

7. Fandango fat quarters....not that I needed any more fabric...but I so seldom set foot into an ACTUAL quilt shop and it was so pretty in person, I couldn't resist, even at the crazy Canuck prices ;)

Hope you are having a day full of good things!


Grandpa E said...

You made my day

Little Island Quilting said...

No.6 says No. 5 please ;-)

Deedrie said...

That yarn would be perfect for that hat! I only hope that when you take a picture of your final hat your camera behaves better than mine did ;)

Bec said...

what a lovely day xx go the cinnebuns!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love this post-- everything in it is adorable (or looks delicious!). Your kids are so cute-- I can totally relate to your son, I was also a painfully shy student when I was young, and I can't imagine reading a book in front of the class when I was that age! You managed to round up quite a few good things :)