Friday, September 30, 2011

Drunkard's Path QAL- piecing curves

Drunkard's Path. So named because those curves may drive you to drink, eh? I get it. You might be scared to jump in to the drunkard's path block- piecing curves is intimidating! I feel the same. So today I am going to give you an introduction to the process to ease your worry :)

As mentioned in the QAL announcement post, Kate and I are both hosting, and while I am using an Accuquilt Go! Baby to cut my fabric, she is using templates. This way anyone can participate! As a result of our two methods, our piecing methods will be a bit different. So, if you are using templates, go hop on over to Kate's blog for her show-and-tell. The rest of youz....stick with me!

So, once you have some fabric cut (more on that next week), you will line up an innie and an outie....just like this:

Now, it's time for that dreaded 4 letter word....PINS. I hate them, I am usually too lazy to use them. I only own about 5. But I resigned myself to use them here. You can pin the crap out of it, but I did it using 3 and it worked just fine.

UPDATE: I have since evicted the pins! While this method is still effective, if you would like to try my new pin-free quick and awesome method (not that I am trying to sell it to you or anything), click here.

First- pin the centers together (right sides facing if using 2 prints) using the handy notch as a guide:

Next, pin the two sides, making the edges square with each other. Yes, it is going to feel awkward! If it does, you are doing it right.

Now, take it to your machine and sew it up with a 1/4 inch seam. Use your fingers as you go to smooth the curve.

Take it to the ironing board and press (I pressed towards the darker fabric, either in or out).
Just FYI, these Go! Baby blocks are 4 inches, so will finish up at 3.5 inches in your quilt.

Ta da!

Now, don't stress if you have some puckers. I know I had some! These will all disappear when you quilt it up in the final stages, and make the crinkling in the wash and dry stage even sweeter!

So, there you have it. Not so scary, was it? Hopefully that eases your fears and you will join us in the fun :)


Coisas da Laura said...

Hi sweetie! First of all, thanks for this class!!!I don't have an Accuquilt,but could't find the templates at Kate's :((

Rosa said...

Thanks,thanks.I`m one who scarried when saw this block and you make it easy to sew.Thanks

Elizabeth said...

Hi, What die are you using on the Accuquilt Go! Baby?

Gill said...

And there was me thinking 'innies' and 'outies' were belly buttons!
Thanks for the tutorial - I'm thinking that cutting them with a Go! would be so much faster!

felicity said...

Even your buttons are branded. Amazeballs.

Patti said...

Your pins rock! I'm actually using the template method, but had to stop in and see how the Go! Baby cut these. Too sad for me, I didn't pick this die with my GB.

bethanndodd said...

Just got all my fabric cut up and even got one sewn together...whoo hoo!! It's definately going to take some getting used as I am only used to sewing straight lines when making quilts but I LOVE the 1 little block I made. SO thankful I have a GO! to help make the cutting process go smoothly (and quickly!)Thanks for hosting!!! Smiles~Beth