Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, we are back from our SCAD fundraiser walk in Naperville, IL. What an amazing experience. Not even sure how to articulate it.

We went down in support of our friend, Michele, who survived a SCAD heart attack last fall. It was her first chance to meet other survivors or this uncommon disease. I am sure you can imagine it was an emotional weekend, but an important one for her healing, I think.

I was so inspired by the strength and spirit of these amazing women. Survivors, indeed. I hope to make this an annual event! Such a scary, random disease, and a very worthy cause.

We had fun meeting survivors and supporters from all over the U.S., and we were the proud Canadian representatives! We brought a flag and our own wacky charm to the event ("red wine is good for the heart, you know!").

Thank you so much to all of you who donated to the fundraiser! And on top of those who donated from afar, a very special blogging friend, who happens to live in Naperville, went the extra mile (well, 3 miles, actually) and came with her husband and 3 children to participate in the walk with us! Do you all know Svetlana from S.O.T.A.K. Handmade? If not yet, you should, she is an amazing quilter (so much better than me. Seriously.), and also an incredible person. Thank you so much, Svetlana, for coming to the walk, for your conversation along the way and for even inviting us Crazy Canucks to your home! You are wonderful :) It was a pleasure to meet you.

Speaking of walks, I also picked up a little fabric while away....including Aneela's A Walk in the Woods!

And finally got my hands on some Flea Market Fancy! I hoard Denyse Schmidt fabric like a maniac, one day I will actually make a quilt with it all.

And I also picked up something special....remember my drunkard's path quilt top from the quilt along last fall? Well, I treated myself to some long arm quilting by Jenny, and she blew me away with her amazing skills. Here is a sneak peak! Hope to get my act together and slam on some binding over the next week. This one is mine, all mine!
Have a great day!


Cascade Quilts said...

oh, I love that quilt! I saw it on Jenny's site last week, her work is amazing! (and she is also local to me!)

Unknown said...

What a great weekend! I hope you enjoyed IL! My mom lives very close to Naperville. :)
And funny, I was in Vancouver this weekend!

I can't wait to see the quilt. I could spot Jenny's amazing quilting anywhere!

randi--i have to say said...

The event sounds like it was wonderful. So great that you could support your friend in that way!

I LOVE the Ruby quilt. Can't wait to see it done!

Little Island Quilting said...

Ooooh...dying (not literally) to see your Jenny quilt.

Svetlana said...

Kristie, it was such a great event, I'm so glad you let us know about it. It was a pleasure to meet you in person. I also hope to do the walk next year, too. Love your drunkard's path quilt. What a beauty.

Lee said...

What a great event. How nice that Svetlana came! And I can't wait for the full reveal on the Drunkard's Path!

Poppyprint said...

Woohoo to all that!!!! Well done Kristie!

Shay said...

Way to go on completing the walk. Goal achieved!

Im totally LOVING the look of the drunkards path...sounds like you are too.

Hurry up and show us the whole thing!!!!!!!!

(Im not good at delaying gratification)

bethanndodd said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all. What a special time to share with your bestie. I am looking forward to seeing your DP quilt all finished up! I am working on my binding too. I want to put it Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival. Smiles~Beth

Chez Roo said...

What a great way to support your friend, and it's awesome that Svetlana went too! Looking forward to seeing your completed Drunkards Path.

felicity said...

Congratulations on the walk, and you rock to support your friend so completely. Good friends are flowers in the garden of life - you've got yourself a lovely garden, Kristie!

Lynne said...

Glad it went well. Nice fabric choices.