Sunday, September 23, 2012

fabric pig

I have been soooo good. Really I have. I haven't bought any fabric since I got my Flea Market Fancy in the spring.  Okay, a small amount of Heather Ross' Crafty Chloe, but under $30 doesn't count ;)

But then it was like a dam broke.

Boy have I had fun! As IF I could have the restraint to pass up on Nersery Versery, the new Heather Ross Prints book (and a load of her corresponding Spoonflower fabric).

OR Anna Maria Horner's Field Study! And, um...I may have placed a second order after this one. Maybe. :)

And a Little Folks voile sale for $7 per yard? Really, it couldn't be helped.

And as you know, sometimes a few wee extras find their way into the cart.....

Plus I bought YARDAGE. Normally I piss around with half yard cuts for quilting, but this time I have a hankering for some clothes sewing. Will see what comes of it all. Hoping to make some pretty (and wearable) things for my girls and me.

And while we are talking fabric, I have really been feeling the navy and kelly green combo lately. Not my usual colors, but they are really appealing to me. So I built this monster pile of fabrics, throwing in some grey, aqua and a punch of red, and plan to splice it up to work on my favorite quilt pattern of the moment, Linky Love by my friend, the talented Tracey of Traceyjay quilts. Such a cute pattern! By the way, Tracey is also hosting the Treasure Boxes Charity Quilt Along at the moment, so I also plan to make a baby quilt with that to donate to my local Children's Hospital NICU this Christmas.

Off to work I go!


Tracey Jacobsen said...

thank you my friend... :)
GORGEOUS pile there!
(and I am too ashamed of post picture of my recent fabric binge) :P

Katie B said...

You really can't be to blame. There are too many awesome lines out right now. I had to buy some Indie. And some field study. And some more field study because it was 45% off. I'm only human.

Lynne said...

Some lovely fabrics there - it will be fun watching what you do with them.

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

These are all lovely! I do not admit to doing this exact thing last month (yes it also started with Heather Ross - Crafty Chloe)

Unknown said...

I for one am a little nervous because I have some fabrics coming in the mail, myself, and unfortunately I'm out of town while my hubby is doing our kitchen reno, which means he will likely be receiving that package and I may be up for a wee bit of reckoning, haha.