Monday, November 19, 2012

Awesome swaps, take 1

Last week was a great mail week- I received packages from two fantastic private swaps with friends!  First up was from my friend Svetlana.  She makes the most amazing pillows, which is something always on my to-do list but never seems to make it to the top.  So I swindled her into making one for my offering up some knitting in return.  I am sneaky like that :)

I have this huge chocolate brown leather sectional that has been in want of pillows for ages, but I wasn't sure how to start.  I told Svetlana some of my favorite colors and she came up with the perfect pillow.  Or, should I say PILLOWS!  That's right, she sent not one, but TWO beautiful pillows my way!

They look just stunning together on my couch :)

And they have been very well received by my family :) Last But Not Least especially loved the fabric on the back of the smaller pillow with the texty penguins!

Svetlana's work is amazing, her points are all perfectly matched, her quilting straight as an arrow!  She is really a very talented lady, and wonderful person, to boot.  As you may recall, we had the chance to meet in person this spring when I went to Naperville for a fundraiser walk for SCAD, the type of heart attack my best friend suffered in the fall of 2011.  Svetlana brought her entire family along for the walk in support.  How amazing is that?  I loved walking and chatting with her, and hope to meet up with her again next fall when I plan to return to walk again :)

In exchange for these amazing goodies, I got to work and knit her up a soft and cozy cowl, to help ward off the chill of the Illinois winters.  I used the popular honey cowl pattern from Madelinetosh and used one of my favorite wools, Tanis Fiber Arts green label in charcoal.

It can be worn long...

...or wrapped twice.

(man, am I ever a dorky model!)

I sent it off along with a few odds and ends, a journal, some Canadian chocolate, things like that.  The cowl was a fun knit, and I am glad to say the package has been received and being enjoyed :)

Thanks, Svetlana, for a great swap!!


Stephanie said...

These swaps sound like a lot of fun. I wish I crafted enough to get in on the action.


Someday :)

Shay said...

Lovely pillows and they do look fab on your couch.

Lynne said...

I don't think that's sneaky, I think that is putting your talents to good use and Svetlana doing the same! Both of you made beautiful, useful times and both of you are happy -- isn't that what it's all about?

Emily said...

I love swaps! :) I'm in the middle of a secret swap between myself and two of my guild friends... I'll have two new lovelies to cherish soon! :) It's so so so hard to keep my projects for them a secret though!

It's always heartwarming to see friends swapping handmade things. I love that you guys swapped different types of items - very cool! :)

Svetlana said...

it was a great swap, Kristie. I love!!! my cowl and all the goodies. Enjoy the pillows!

Ellie Q said...

Love the pillows! Svetlana does gorgeous work--I've been following/admiring her blog for quite a while. Great cowl, too!

Carla said...

Gorgeous pillows! Lucky you ; )

Leanne said...

That is a lovely swap!

Jennifer said...

What a great swap!! She is super talented. I love the cowl too... I will knit one this winter!

Jennifer :)

Katie B said...

You and Svetlana...a match made in heaven!
(I'm at work and dying of boredom...glad I saved up some blog reading to keep me entertained!)

Sasha said... are not a dorky model =P
I love the honey cowl!!! I have one on my knitting needles now that I hope to finish up soon! Your new pillows are so pretty!!! What a wonderful swap!!!

quiltmom anna said...

You do have so much fun- it radiates off your blog page. I enjoyed checking out some of your earlier posts.
I read Poppyprint's blog so it was fun to read your stories about it too. it sounds like you all had a fantastic time together.
Quilting and blogging does make for a wonderful journey together. Your cowl scarf is very fun too. Thanks for participating in the Canadian blog hop. It has been a fun adventure- I have enjoyed reading some new to me Canadian blog posts.
Regards from Edmonton,