Thursday, December 13, 2012


So, the retreat ladies convinced me to join Instagram.  I think they created a monster.  Addictive!

So if you want to hang out and see shots of some of my crafting as it unfolds, and some of the other shenanigans in my life, feel free to come and visit me there. My IG handle is kristieocd.  Here is a few pictures I have posted over their recently.

My girls, playing with the fabric houses I made on retreat. 

Snowball fight!!

Cold day = Golden Wheat Cardi :)

Love my quilty friends!  A gift from Cherie.

Best Christmas ornament ever!! From one of my Mom Friends at school :)


Shay said...

I don't need another addiction!

You already got me hooked on Pinterest so Im not going anywhere near your Instagram!

Lynne said...

So far, I have managed to avoid Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram -- I don't need another computer based addiction! Reading and commenting on a long list of blogs, writing my own, reading and answering emails, and occasional forays into Ravelry is enough time on the computer!

But it does look like fun!

Love your Golden Wheat Cardigan.

Leila said...

I totally just pinned that ornament! I am in love!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You have the best mom-friends!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Found you :o)

Sasha said...

It's probably good that I don't have a cell phone, because I would probably take more pictures to post on Instagram haha. I'll look for you the next time I login :)

trudys_person said...

I'm completely addicted to Instagram too! To the detriment of my addiction to blogs ... but I can keep up on IG on my commute, so I think that might make time for quilting ... maybe! ;-)

Lily said...

So far I have resisted IG! But my 19 year old is addicted and I would love (not) to see what he is posting! I may have to join and be your IG friend :)