Thursday, March 7, 2013


Have you ever heard of The Plucky Knitter and her yarn?  I hadn't either, but it kept popping up all over, with rave reviews.  But here is the thing.  You can't just BUY it.  No. You have to be on the email list to be notified of its release, then sit at your computer at that exact moment and hit refresh a bunch of times to buy it up before it's gone.  It is seriously a frenzy.  It seems Plucky is the rock star of yarn.

Naturally, I had to have some to see what all of the fuss is about.

I ordered a couple sample skeins in different weights, then enough in her pretty bohemian blue for a sweater for thinking this one here.

I wanted to try it out right away.  So I grabbed a skein of the bulky weight in sagebush, a pretty grey-green, and cast on the dropped stitch cowl pattern (love my pouch form Ali!!).

I knit like a maniac in ocd-worthy fashion, and finished this cowl the next day.  And I have to say....this Plucky is good stuff!

This one will be heading south to my lovely friend Kelly, who I had the fun of hanging with in Atlanta, and has made me a gorgeous AMH velveteen and voile cowl in return!  Life is good :)


Future Quilter said...

Loveley cowl! The sweater pattern you're considering is gorgeous - I love the detailing on the side. It will look fantastic in the blue you chose. Who taught you to knit? After I'm finished school I want to branch out past scarves!

Poppyprint said...

You are a serious knitwit.

Tiara said...

This sounds like serious trouble!

bethanndodd said...

Super cute!

Lynne said...

I've heard of the Plucky Knitter but I've never tried it! Your cowl looks lovely!