Thursday, June 6, 2013

love and marriage

I wanted to make a little something for a sweet couple who recently were married in Mexico.  It had been awhile since I had played with my hoops (you can see some of my faves here, here, here and here) and I was itching to be stitching, so embroidery it was.

Unfortunately, it seems I only took this one crappy iPad photo, but you get the idea.

I used this pattern - and I used her pattern transfer tutorial, too.  I happened to have one of those Frixion pens and it worked FANTASTIC!!  I shrunk the pattern down to 70% to fit my hoop, then added my own personalization in the centre.

I am really happy with how the floral part came out, it was my first time doing something like this, but I used too many strands for the lettering, so those are not as perfect as I would have liked.  But, overall, I am really happy with the quaint feel of this.  I must get back to more needlework!  So relaxing.


Katie B said...

Really sweet! This looks like a perfect summer project.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Sweet xxx

Sedef @ Down Grapevine Lane said...

Gorgeous!! And thanks for using my patterns, it's so nice to see what people make with them, and I like the nice personal touch you added to this piece.

Aren't Frixion pens amazing? I never use anything else now (for sewing or embroidery).