Tuesday, October 15, 2013

turkey coma

Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone yet again, and as usual we have so much to be grateful for.   The kids are back at school today and I am spending my day off boiling bones to make soup and catching up, emerging from my turkey stupor to blog a wee bit!

It was a great long weekend.  The Hubs was actually away for most of in it Vegas with some buddies doing some no doubt unmentionable things to celebrate a 40th birthday.  Apparently it involved a variety of costumes.....he has not disclosed much to me to be honest, but his friend mentioned at one point they had to go buy Sharpies for him to sign autographs as he kept being mistaken for Jon Bon Jovi.  Do I really want to know the details?  Probably not.

But the luck was REALLY rolling back at  home in Winnipeg!  I took the kids to see a movie and afterward was suckered into letting them have toonies to play "The Claw"- you know, that game where you use a joystick to guide a claw and try to have it grab a stuffed toy?  The one where no one ever wins??  Well, history was made right here, people.  Last But Not Least won not one, but FIVE (!!!) toys....and get this, in ONE TURN!!  Insane.  The kids and their friends went absolutely mental, as I am sure you can imagine.  This moment will become the folklore passed from generation to generation in our family, no doubt.  Got a grainy photo of their glee.  Just awesome.

Between the usual hockey/ringette/dance schedule that keeps us running this weekend, I actually found some quiet moments to knit and sew.  I am feeling a surge of creativity lately and am chomping at the bit to MAKE.  First off, made some cute booties for The Plaid Baby.  Pattern here.

Should be a lovely accompaniment to her sweater :)

Next, raided my scrap bin for blues and greens and made this quilt top, entirely inspired by this one by Blue Elephant Stitches.  I just love how it came out!

And a little hand stitching and embroidery on another quilty project as well!

I also spent a good deal of the weekend outside enjoying the beautiful turning of the leaves....fall is my favorite time of year with all the colors and the honking Canada geese flying overhead!

As soon as Thanksgiving dinner was eaten, the girls declared it was time for the next holiday, and dragged out The Ghastlies quilt to snuggle with. I think this is my all time favourite!

Have a wonderful week!
Kristie :)


Anonymous said...

Love the booties and the quilt, such great colours!

Unknown said...

I just love your handiwork! I want to declare a favorite but I just can't. The booties and sweater and the hand stitching on the quilt are all my favorite. And this is why I don't judge the Heritage Fair at my local school any more. The end.

Angela said...

I love everything about this! Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian Cutie!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You just busted the space-time continuum with The Claw!

Katy Cameron said...

Busy week all round, but I think LBNL is a legend now with the Claw!

Little Island Quilting said...

What's a ringette when it's at home?

What Comes Next? said...

a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend! Your soup is looking good. I can't believe how productive you've been - those little booties are too cute, and I love the grey/blue/green top - beautiful!

Michele said...

It sounds like you had a great holiday. Enjoy the soup.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well done LBNL! She should write a manual on how she did it because that is nigh on impossible.

Sarah said...

Your husband looks like Jon Bon Jovi?! OMG jelly! Looks like you had a great long weekend.

Kaelin said...

WHAT?!?! Get right outta here! I was catching up on your blog and when I scrolled down and saw the little booties I thought "now which lucky bastard is getting those adorable little things!"...and it's ME! MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Well, I mean Plaid Baby *cough* ahem.

Big sloppy XOXOXOXOXOXO's friend!