Monday, January 13, 2014

perfect ten.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that, today, I am the mother of a ten year old.

Hitting the double digits seems pretty substantial to me.  A decade!  While the baby days for the girls are a bit of a blur in my mind to be honest, I remember them so clearly with Big G.  How he used to lay his head on my shoulder and suck his thumb through the sleeve of my t-shirt.  How he used to scrunch up his face to make me laugh.  How he would come crawling at the speed of light from anywhere in the house to the t.v. if he heard the "Sex and the City" theme song, and proceed to boogie down.

And now, here he is, all knees and elbows, getting dangerously close to my height, smelly hockey bag, becoming more aloof and "cool".

But yet….still moments where he crawls into bed with us to cuddle or folds into my lap to watch t.v.  Eyes lit up with the magic of Christmas, running to bed before Santa arrives. 
An army of stuffed animals in his bed.  
Still sleeping under the hockey quilt I made him and insisting the label is at the top (so he can hug it).

Big G is a complicated kid- he still struggles with social interactions, and as such, the sweetness within him is often not on display for others to see.  So I feel extra privileged that, sometimes, he shares those pieces of himself with his dad and me- those glimpses are all the more a precious gift.

Happy 10th birthday to my sweet, smart, sensitive boy.  No matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.  xoxo


Little Island Quilting said...

Do you think he'll be highly embarassed 'mom' just put all that on the internet?!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Big G.

ipatchandquilt said...

Ha ha !
Congratulations with your beautiful boy!
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Charlotte said...

Aww, how lovely! Happy birthday, Big G

Svetlana said...

what a sweet post, Kristie. Happy Birthday to your big boy.

Shay said...

Happy Birthday Big G rock!

Just wait Kristie- he'll be heading off to college in the blink of an eye.

Katy Cameron said...

Happy birthday to the (not so) wee man!

Katie B said...

So handsome!

felicity said...

Aw. Such a beautiful and loving tribute. Happy anniversary of becoming a mama!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy! I became a mother of a 10year old daughter back in August. But unlike you, I find those days a blur, and the baby days with my younger boys as babies much clearer. It was all so different and a bit foggy and a bit tense as a new Mum some times! I've joined Instagram this year so you're welcome to find me there at sarahkrothe and see what I've been working on. I'm already following you 😄