Monday, June 9, 2014

less stress project: exercise

I am one of those people who actually LIKES exercise.  I like the way the endorphins make me feel.  I like a challenge.  I like that exercise really is a simple work=results formula. If you stick with it, you improve.

So if it's so great, why do I bail on it so often??

Despite all these positive exercise benefits, I still have the tendency to hit snooze, relax or sew instead.  Because as much as I do LIKE exercise, I kinda HATE the first ten minutes.  You know? When it is cold outside in the winter and you just wanna crawl back in your warm bed.  When it is hot and muggy and mosquito-y, which I like even less than cold.  Those first ten minutes, before you find your groove, it is all huffing and puffing and creaky muscles.  BUT once you get past's great.

Looking at all of my resolutions, I think this one is going the best.  I strived to exercise more, and I certainly have.  Have I skipped days when I could have made it happen? Of course.  But overall I have made it out 4-5 times per week, and just over a few weeks, have seen progress.

I am keeping it simple- just basic cardio stuff now: runs, power walks and today, I added in some cycling! My first run was pretty horrendous- slow as can be, with many walk breaks and the feeling like I was going to hurl.  But have stuck with it and am now running the same loop without stopping or needing to call 911.  Work=results! I am going to keep at this and then slowly add in some weight and so on.  I plan to build up a good base over the summer, and maybe add in a trainer or some kind of challenge in the fall....will see where that goes!  If you want to see my daily progress (and some really embarrassing, sweaty photos), you can pop over to visit me (kristieocd) on Instagram....I call myself #thesoggytomato and with one look, you will see why!

My toughest challenges still seem to be sleep (reading too many good books!), not snapping at my kids (little button-pushing buggers xoxo), and food.  But not giving up, and plan to really focus on eating this upcoming week.

How is YOUR less stress life going??


Little Island Quilting said...

'Chunder' is better than 'hurl' ;-)

Katie B said...

I do much better if I work out first thing in the morning--before I have time to think up an excuse! I went to my 3rd kickboxing class this week. Definitely a stress buster!
(And I'm with you on the food--too often I see a delicious treat as a stress-buster, and that can be a problem!)

Shay said...

I last exercised in 1994....