Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi, I'm Kristie, I used to blog here???

It's been a while, peeps! How are you all doing?  Time flies are busy as a bee, I guess ;)  Just thought I would pop in and say hello, and reassure you all that, yes, I am still living and breathing and even crafting!!  I am about to make the rounds on some of your blogs, too, and catch up a wee bit!

Summer went by in a flash of awesome and before I knew it, it was back to school.  The kids are at those perfect ages where they are quite independent and capable of doing so many fun activities,  but yet still enjoy hanging out with old mom and dad.  We definitely tried to make the most of that and have fun.  Look how big they're getting!

We did do a couple fun crafty projects at the lake while we were there.  One was a fireplace makeover by The Hubs.  Painted over the icky brass accents with a matt black fire-safe paint and voila!  Instant pretty fireplace!  The built in cabinets on either side of it are getting a makeover next :)

Our other project, and my favourite, was taking some paddles and painting them.  We added hooks and transformed them into a fun place to store life jackets and soggy towels in the screen room.  Wish I had better "final" pictures, because I seriously kicked some ass at this, I ain't gonna lie.  They are all cute and distressed and such.  But anyways, you'll get the idea:

Yah, it was a great summer :)

So much more to tell you about, including an awesome 40th birthday trip to NYC with girlfriends where I went to The Promised Land (aka Purl Soho), lots of finished projects, and then the EPIC trip to Nashville to attend Craft South with none other than Anna Maria Horner AND Heather Ross (I am still reeling).  I promise to be back to tell you about it soon, I do!!

xoxo Kristie


Kate S. said...

I used to blog here could be the title of my blog lately... Sounds like a lovely summer Kristie! Gotta get cracking on my own blog soon haha.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

oh a new wool shop for me to visit on my rare visits to New York? just came across your blog and enjoyed reading it

Nora said...

So glad to see you pop back up again and to know that you and yours are good. I also have neglected blogging due to I'll in-laws, kids,work! Doesn't stop the creativity tho' does it?! Lots of love x

Shay said...

So nice to see you!Ive missed you while you've been off having fun.

So far Summer looks like it was just one big party at your place. Cant wait to see what else you've been up to.

Those paddles are the bomb, girl!

Michele said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your summer and I can't wait to see what you've been creating.

Katy Cameron said...

Hi, I'm Katy, I used to read here... ;o) j/k loving the oars