Tuesday, October 7, 2014

holy cowls!

I must have an instinct, much like the geese, to tell me that winter is on its way, because I have been knitting up a storm lately.  Mostly big, chunky, squishy cowls...so cozy!  

This one for me:

This one (and matching hat) will be a Christmas gift- made with the wool from Purl Soho.

This one was made for my fabulous friend Michelle (IG: ilikeorangetoo), which I gifted to her while in Nashville.

Originally the cream cowl was a gift for Angela (Cut to Pieces), but little did I know that she is allergic to wool, and it instantly made her itchy!  So I kept it (big hardship) and knit her up a new one quickly during our Sew South weekend out of a super soft alpaca yarn that she had bought herself.  Doesn't she look adorable in it?

All of the above cowls were made with the same simple pattern, bulky yarns held single and worsted yarns held double, doing a simple k3 p3, in a multiple of 6 stitches plus or minus one stitch to allow the pattern to spiral.  For most of these I cast on about 79 stitches to wrap double around the neck comfortably, and they each took 2 skeins.

I also made another very cool cowl/sling type thing, finished also while at Sew South for my bestie Samantha (IG: samsews).  It was a pattern (Panem cowl on Ravelry) based off this super cool knit worn by "Katniss" in the latest Hunger Games movie.

I love how this turned out, and it is totally the funky style that suits Sam, don't you think??  I have more yarn to make one for me, someday.

More finishes on the way!


Svetlana said...

wow!!! you're on fire my friends. Love all your gorgeous knitty makes.

Angie said...

Well, hmmmm, I LOVE them ALL!! :) Thanks so much for sharing your info on the cowls too.

Shay said...

You're amazing....every single one of those creations looks beyond gorgeous. LOVE the Katniss copy – its fabulous!!!

Tiara said...

Love that Katniss cowl!

What Comes Next? said...

my knitting needles have come out, and after seeing your beautiful cowls, I know what I'm knitting when this shawl is finished!

felicity said...

I love love love that Panem wrap. I do love my Kritie-made cowl and all of these ones are wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

I love love love all the knits! I've only wanted to knit cowls lately, too-- and I love your pattern! I totally want to try it on my next cowl. Are they knit in the round, and about what size needles did you use?