Wednesday, April 8, 2015

a baby quilt for Koyuki

Koyuki is a baby girl, born to a longtime Japanese friend. A few years ago, my friend and her family visited us in the summer, and I gifted her a quilt.  She received it with more joy, wonder and gratitude than I have ever received- it filled my heart.  So of course when she had another baby girl in December, I knew a quilt would be the perfect gift.

I really went to town with the pink.  I love it- so soft and soothing.  I did a bit of an I-spy combined with a scrappy wonky star, using the centers as a showcase for fun novelty fabrics (including munki sushi!).

On the back I used one of my favourite prints ever, by Megumi Sakakibara.  Going through a bit of hoarder's separation anxiety about this but it is just too perfect a compliment to the top to doubt.

As my arms are still not very strong and pulling even a small quilt sandwich around to machine quilt was uncomfortable, I hand quilted it with Perle cotton.  I love how it adds to the softness.  Just one pass around each star and centre square, and one line dividing each block.  I did a triple row around the outer sashing.  Pretty.  The binding is a print by Anna Griffith, hand bound.

This will be winging its way to Japan shortly along with this ruffled (and wrinkled!) onsie that I just adore.  Oh, babies!


Marla said...

Very sweet! said...

Such a perfect quilt to be gifted to your friend. I would think that sewing is helping your hands recover quicker.

Will Cook for Shoes said...

So beautiful!

Krista Withers said...

Wow Kristie! It is SO beautiful, I love the hand stitching and I LOVE the back. I have to be honest I am also feeling a bit of hoarding anxiety about you using it...... love.

alidiza said...

So beautiful!!! I love all the pinks with that grey pin dot. What a lucky baby! So glad you're on the end... two broken arms really has to slow down your sewing:-)

Michele said...

Oh it is so sweet and I'm sure she loves it.

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