Friday, May 28, 2010

Feelin' Hunky Dory

Well, it was not the best day...started at 4 a.m., involved brattier-than-normal kids and house cleaning. Then I was sour because I was out and missed my highly anticipated delivery of Anna Maria Horner Little Folks fabric (a present to me from me for Mother's Day) and the delivery slip indicated that I owe over $50 (!!!) in duty charges! Stupid Canada Customs. Anyways, I needed a pick-me-up, so I grabbed some left over chocolate cake from last night's baby shower (yum) and headed to the computer and the Noodleheads blog, where I found the gathered clutch tutorial. I was envying Kathy's clutch the other night, and she told me about the tutorial....anyways, I had to have one. And, now I do!

I plan to take it out on the town tonight for date night with hubby (yikes! The sitter is due in 6 minutes, so I better wrap this up!). Anyways, I made it out of a beautiful linen, and some scraps of Moda Hunky Dory fabric left over from my next quilting project. It is lined with the pink dot fabric from the same line (not shown here). My one modification was a wrist strap- again, I have to credit Kathy with this bright idea, although I did it slightly differently than she had (I just cut a 14 inch by 2 inch piece of Hunky Dory, added some interfacing, sewed it wrong sides facing along the length, inverted, pressed and topstitched along each length). I am so pleased with the end result! If you want one, too, check out Anna's Noddlehead blog- you won't be disappointed.

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Little Island Quilting said...

Hi Kristie

I was going to reply via email to your comment on my blog but I don't think you have set your blog up so you can be contacted via email when you leave comments on other peoples blogs.
If I could remember what the process is, I would tell you but it is fairly straightforward.