Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two more quilts

I thought I would add a couple more quilts I have completed recently, both in baby size. The first is the "Cruzing" quilt, made with the wonderful boyish Wheels fabric by Riley Blake. My girlfriend and coworker, Trish, recently had a baby boy named Cruz, and I figured with a name like that, he needed a car quilt! Cruz's nursery is quite modern so a traditional style wouldn't do, so I went with a very random strip quilt, lots of color, and I love how it turned out! On the back, I made a little "road" of cars zooming by, and framed it on wither side with some lovely blue solids from our local fabric store, dark enough so that it can be rolled out on the grass for Cruz to snooze on this summer in the sunshine. I quilted it with straight horizontal lines following 1/4 inch from the ditch on either side of each strip- very simple, but manly :-)

The second quilt is again for Quilting for Babes, the charity run by Kathy at Magnolia Designs to donate quilts for babies and their families in the NICU at the Children's Hospital here in Winnipeg (see her blog at http://magnoliadesigns.blogspot.com/search/label/Quilting%20for%20Babes to learn more). As it is my goal to try out a variety of techniques, for this quilt I did a disappearing 9 patch pattern using a charm pack of Moda Frolic fabric, and then framed in a border of solid green. I quilted it with a diagonal grid pattern, and backed it with a bright turquoise floral local fabric. The binding for both of the above quilts were finished by hand in a chocolate colored solid. While this was not my favorite fabric in all honesty but I like in the end how it came together, and it is cheerful and bright- I hope it will bring some cheer to its recipients.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Kathy said...

The car quilt is so cute. I love how the strips in it suggest roadways! Now the other quilt made from the Frolic fabric is wonderful too. You are off to a marvelous start with your new blog and plenty of fine projects!

Renae said...

I love your frolic quilt! So beautiful and cheery!