Saturday, December 4, 2010


I love to make things for other people. I feel like in this day and age, when life is so full and busy, spending time says "love" much more than spending money. Not everyone views "homemade" that way, and fair enough- I don't love every gift given to me, either. But it does warm my heart when a gift I have made is received with excitement.

My first set of twin quilts went to a very dear friend's boys. When she was pregnant, I asked if I could make quilts for them, and she was so excited! She was involved in the fabric selection, design and redesign (x3). She even modelled the entire nursery around the quilts, and hung them on the wall when they were complete.

They recently had professional photos done and decided to use the boys' quilts as a backdrop for the photo shoot. I was so touched! The photos are in-CRED-ible! They were taken by the extremely talented May Arason-Li. I will definitely be calling on her to photograph my children, so that I can pull out sweet pictures like this when they are driving me nuts in real life :-)

Aren't these boys the most precious things ever?? Or at least in close competition with their crazy-cute Big Sister!


Rozelle Faulkner said...

Awww the twins are gorgeous (even more gorgeous than your amazing quilt!) and Big Sis is just the cutest, coolest little girl I've seen :D

I know exactly what you mean about different people's reactions to home made gifts. I know some people who would think "Oh, so you didn't want to spend any money on me then?" which is mad because home made certainly doesn't equal cheap!

Personally I would rather receive a home made gift (regardless of value) that was made with love than yet another chain store toiletries set any day.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kristi!! Your quilts look totally amazing in the photos - I'm sure they'll treasure them for life :)