Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifts revealed: Christmas Wreaths- a second version

I hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas! The merry merry is still continuing for us this week, but I thought I would start to reveal a few things I gifted over the holidays. More to come!

Last month I showed you my yarn wreaths made using the tutorial at Take Heart. I have a second version of wreath for you today! I gave it to my most loyal and supportive followers, my parents, and since I know they rarely miss a blog post (hi Mom and Dad!!), I wanted to save this post until they had received it.

These Christmas wreathes are made from a tutorial in a magazine (which I have since misplaced....sorry can't remember which one it was!). It uses cable knit sweaters bought thrifting (see, I told you I would not use them as sweaters!), where you cut off the arms and use them to cover a foam/straw wreath and pin in place.

About a million felt poinsettia-type flowers are then cut out by hand (or, if you have a nice friend like Kathy who will lend you her Big Shot, that saves a ton of time!), and pinned all over the front of the wreath. Hang it with a bow, and voila! Christmas Wreaths, Version 2.
My favorite detail is the turned cuff at the top.

The magazine had instructions for ball ornaments using the remainder of the sweater, but I tried those and they did not work for me at all. Can't win 'em all!


Amy Friend said...

I love the idea of covering a wreath with the arms of a sweater! I have so many clothes that no longer fit or are not in style and I can't part with them...I will have to see if I can do something like this.

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great wreath. Very painstaking if you had to cut all the flowers by hand though.

Grandpa E said...

And Grandpa and Grandma loved their gift.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work. Love the thrifted sweaters covering the wreath then the red looks so striking. Well done!