Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Christmas Swap that never happened

Does that title sound ominous?

Well, it has been a bit of a misadventure.... Back in October, I signed myself up for an informal Christmas swap at Little Miss Shabby's site. I was paired up with an nice Australian grandmother and we were to each send "a homemade gift, a delicious treat, an unexpected surprise, some fabric bits and a holiday card," all to be sent by December 1. Due to Australian Customs, it was requested I not send food so I actually ended up doing a few homemade gifts. Anyways, I gathered it all up, took my photos and shipped it off in November so it had extra time to make it across the ocean.


It never arrived. It appears that it is lost on a deserted island with Tom Hanks or something, but certainly not at Sue's in Australia! I am kind of cheesed because I worked pretty hard on this at that crazy time of year... Anyways. And to make the whole experience that much more frustrating, I never did receive my gift either. My partner had a string of medical and family issues come up which of course have not been in her control. Last I heard, at the end of January, she was planning to mail it off "soon"... still no sign of it, though. So I guess you can say that this hasn't been the best experience. Has anyone else had swaps/bees like that??

Today I got a letter from Canada Post that the "investigation" into my package has been closed, the package officially lost, and at least I was issued some insurance money for my postage spent and supplies. So, I am closing that book but thought I would share the photos of the stuff I had made!

First up: I found out Sue was a tea drinker, and likes antiques. I thought a quaint little quilted tea cozy would be the ticket: The tea cozy applique is basically copied...I mean inspired by one I saw at Patchwork Pottery. I appliqued a little tea pot on the front, with a button knob on top. It doesn't show up the best against this busy fabric, but I free motion stitched "steam" coming out of the spout: The back sports a little string of patchwork with some hand quilting detail. I used Moda's Breakfast at Tiffany's, as her fabric preference was shabby chic and she specifically mentioned this line. Luckily, a quilt shop across town carried some, so I was able to pick it up, along with some extra which I sent in her fabric bundle. I used a little loop of this sweet lace at the top. Next up, a yarn wreath. As you may recall, I made a stack of these yarn wreaths here. Well, I was sure to make an extra for Sue, who said she decorated for Christmas in mostly cream and gold, with little splashes of red. As a little extra treat, I thought these adorable hexie cards were the perfect gift for a fellow quilter. Best of all, they were a free download, found here. I printed them onto some thick glossy white card stock, paired a stack of them with some luscious chocolate brown envelopes and tied them with a ribbon. Finally, along with a fabric bundle, I included a hand stamped Christmas card. So, there it is, in photos if not in hand. Maybe it will resurface someday??


randi said...

oh, too bad these lovelies were lost! they are so cute!

Kelly Irene said...

That is so frustrating! I had something (kind of) similar happen where I sent an item I sold on ebay and the tracking showed it had made it to some sorting facility 50 miles from the woman's house but suddenly disappeared after that. I made many phone calls but finally decided refunding her the $15 was the easiest option. How does something disappear like that though?! You tea cozy is really beautiful and I feel for you that it never made it to Sue's house for full appreciation.

Jess said...

we live in iowa and my parents sent a package to my brothers in hawaii and they never received it. a year after my parents sent it, they got it back. crazy!

Lynette said...

How frustrating. :( So sorry your swap ended up so sour. I really hate it when things go missing. I'm currently trying to track down a disappeared quilt that should have arrived in Washington state (from Florida) two months ago. :(

Kirsty said...

How sad that something so very pretty went missing.

Am really pleased you liked the hexagon card download (and love how you bundled them up!) - thanks so much for linking back to my blog.

felicity said...

Well that sounds like the worst swap experience ever! Not only did your package not get to its destination, but you got hosed as well. Dislike.

For what it's worth, I think your package was lovely and I'm sure Sue would have loved it had she received it.

This post is doing nothing (NOTHING) for my hatred of Canada Post, by the way.

laura said...

OMG, what a pitty!! Your presents were charming.
I hope they appear someday. The postman might steal them for his wife. I wish not!

Kathy said...

I love the tea cozy that you created for your swap partner. It is such a shame that it has been lost somewhere in the mail. All the details of the swap were lovely. I have done plenty of swaps and round robins and fortunately they turned out well. I sure hope the package you sent finds its way to the right person eventually. It would be nice if your goodies can be sent out too, if your partner becomes able to do so.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

That is such a shame, and so disappointing for you.
I post stuff to my grandson and his wife from Australia to the U.S. and also have sent many presents to penpals there for a long time. I must have been very fortunate that nothing has ever gone missing. I often send candy bars too!
Hopefully your swap partner will still get around to honoring her part of the swap. I hope your next swap has a much happier outcome. I belong to a craft forum here and we have swaps going on all the time. If something unforeseen happens, and someone cannot get their swap done, we have swappers angels who will step in and help out.
Hopefully the package will show up one day. The tea cozy is so pretty, you obviously put a lot of work into it. Bye for now, Sandy. :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

What lovely things you made, it's a great shame that they never made it to your swap partner.

the gathering girls said...

Wow...I hope that does not happen to me. I am mailing goodies to Australia on Friday. That tea cozie was absolutely adorable :(