Sunday, April 24, 2011


I admit I am a little flabbergasted that my baby is now FOUR. And a gorgeous, spunky little thing she is!
Her favorite thing in the world? Her worn and well loved Kitty. As you can see, I have had to perform some serious surgery on this thing to keep it in one piece! Luckily I was able to track down a second one as her birthday gift before the original completely dissolves!

So, a Kitty Party we had! First up, these adorable invitations by my BFF Samantha. We met back in dental school, and on top of her practice and 3 kids, she also runs TWO online companies selling her amazing personalized paper products, Jack and Addy and Paper by Paperdolls. You know, in her spare time. Lucky me, I am the recipient of all sorts of her gorgeous crafts, including these amazing cards. Even the envelopes were perfect!
My girl also has some of the best teachers in the world at her Montessori preschool. One of which is Mr. Ken, who also has recorded several CDs of his original children's music- in English, Spanish AND German! The tunes are super catchy, and some of the English ones can be found on iTunes here- if you have kids, go give him a listen, the songs are awesome! He also does entertainment for children's birthday parties. AND since one of his songs involves a "silly kitty", Last But Not Least insisted he come to her party. Along with his artist sidekick, Ben, they provided face painting, music, magic tricks, and adorable kitty folders full of original coloring pages of the characters from his songs. They were awesome!!!

As each child arrived, they received some kitty ears to wear. Faces were painted, coloring colored, and we also had a Kitty Adoption Center, complete with official Adoption Certificates.
After laughing and dancing with Mr. Ken, it was time for CUPCAKES! They were iced in LBNL's favorite color, orange, and topped with a variety of sprinkles and little flag toppers with a kitty and the number 4.
Presents were opened, balloons and loot bags were distributed, and the fun was over all too soon!

Love you sooooo much! You will always be my baby :-)


Lynette said...

What an awesome birthday party!!! :D

Kelli said...

Looks like an ace birthday!
Happy birthday little miss LBNL!

Riel Nason said...

Looks like a GREAT party! I love the pictures near the top of the post with your daughter's different expressions. I recognise the one with the scrunched up nose ... we see that look a lot with my almost-four-year old here.

felicity said...

I want Mr. Ken at my next birthday party - and can I use your decorations, too? I'll just add another 4 next to the others.

Leanne (Ironic Mom) said...

You are amazing.

I don't do birthday parties.

Well, kind of. But not like this.

My twins will be complaining about this to their therapist in a decade.

Looks like fun!