Friday, June 3, 2011

Making fabric out of string and other projects

Working on a new knitting project here and there, verrrrry slowly. Sorry folks, this one will be rated G unlike my last knit finish ;)

Picked up this gorgeous yarn to make The Middle Child a sweater. I think this is my favorite color in the entire universe. I almost wept for joy when she picked this over More Pink. It's next in the knitting queue!

As for sewing, my vintage quilt is on hold...I partly done the quilting and am not loving it, but am too lazy to pick it all out. So, it is shelved for the moment! Also need to start up the birthday quilt for The Middle Child, who will be six in July. Time to pull out the Far Far Away 2!!

I am also working on a few {secret} projects for swaps and birthdays...will reveal soon!


Little Island Quilting said...

Oooh ooh secret...that must mean you are making something for me surely?!

Get anything exciting in the mail from overseas yet?

Beth Gracie said...

gorgeous color. one of my favorites for sure. yum.

randi said...

LOVE that yarn. so pretty!

Shay said...

Love the little cardy ...cute as. And the colour of that yarn is gorgeous too.

Im not much of a knitter so Im going to live vicariously through you. (I have a scarf I started three years ago that never got finished ...I'll send it on over)