Thursday, September 8, 2011


In the week leading up to back-to-school, my kids set up one last Lemonade stand, in our front yard near the path leading to the park. They sat together intently waiting for a "Stranger Customer" to serve.

It was taking some time, so Big G and The Middle Child wandered off down the path a moment. Seconds later they come strolling back, The Middle Child's arm lucked into Big G's elbow, she with a big leaf ornamenting her hair and he with his top lip scrunched up to support a twig, acting as a mustache. They then adopted accents:

"Would you care for a lemonade, Monsieur?"
"Why, yes, certainly!"
"How refreshing!"


Last But Not Least was caught red handed trying to take coins from The Middle Child's piggy bank. Naturally, a riot ensued and came to a close with LBNL closing herself in her room, crying from shame and embarrassment.

The big kids started to feel badly for her:
"She only did that because she doesn't have any money of her own!"

They decided to cheer her up and quickly constructed a plan. They each chose a few coins from their own money to share with her, and wrapped it in pretty boxes. They made her cards: Happy Sad Day! They then set about to reconstruct the living room into an amusement park- one couch became a "bouncer," the other a fort with a slide into cushions. They then called her down to her little party.

You have never seen a happier little girl! Or a prouder Mama :)


Amy Friend said...

Oh, I would have been proud too. What a sweet story.

Madison said...

This is so cute!

Katie B said...

Your kids are awesome! Hallmark needs to start selling "Happy Sad Day" cards.

Poppyprint said...

Oh my. There must have been an extra special ingredient in that lemonade! Your kid stories totally crack me up.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Aw, you've got the sweetest kids!

Val said...

That is freaking adorable, no wonder you're proud those are some awesome kids you're raising there :)

bethanndodd said...


Lynne said...

Ooo! How gorgeous! I only had one child so I am now watching my two grandsons to see how sibling love takes shape! I love reading about yours - they are just amazing!