Thursday, April 10, 2014

spring break at the lake

I admit it hardly looks like spring around here....after the "coldest winter in 100 years" we have heaps of snow BUT, it really IS starting to melt!

Regardless of the weather, the calendar says it is spring and Spring Break has come and gone. Time for some mini-breaks out at the cottage!

First a weekend, just me and a long time girlfriend.  I am sure you all have one like her....friends so long you are more like sisters, she knows all your secrets and was the one you always found the trouble with?  This is her.  Back in town for a visit that coincided with her 40th bday, we had to have an escape, just the two of us.  So we piled into The Hubs' truck and beelined for the cottage!

I guess I should have checked the gas tank first....

So another first, at 40- hitchhiking!  Yes, ran out of gas on the highway and had to hitch a ride to the next gas station to fill up, jerry-can style.

But we had much good fortune- the sky was blue, the day was mild, and we barely had a chance to snap this selfie with thumbs out before a sweet lady stopped and offered us a ride, to the gas station and back!

So we filled up, made some new friends, and went on to have a fabulous time.  Ah, memories!!

Later that week, we took a couple days off work and returned to the lake with the family. Much less "eventful."  Enjoyed some family time in the great outdoors, ice fishing, building snowmen, enjoying sunsets and snowshoeing on the lake. Still 4 feet of ice on it!

Also had the opportunity to visit with friends and family, curl up by the fire and watch movies, bake fresh banana bread (in our Anna Maria Horner aprons), knit and sew.

Such a relaxing break, even for our four legged family!

Tomorrow I will show you what was sewn :)


Katie B said...

I would tell you I'm not jealous, but it would be a lie.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Kind of jealous we didn't get any snow this winter now x said...

Sorry to hear about your 'walk', I've been there done that many times. Hope you had a great SPRING break! D.G. L

Katy Cameron said...

Well at least it was a brief 'first' experience ;o)