Tuesday, May 20, 2014

soy amado blocks set sail!

Starting earlier this year, Alison at Little Island Quilting started a quilt charity to benefit street children in Mexico, inspired by a recent visit she had taken to their group home.  She started making and collecting quilted blocks to assemble into quilts to gift to these children, to add a little colour and something special in their lives, something just their own.  To date, she has made 23 (!!) quilts to send!

I decided I wanted to contribute, and Alison and I both blogged that I would collect blocks from other Canadian quilters who wished to as well, and I would relay the blocks to her.

The response was wonderful!  Today, I am mailing out a huge box, containing ONE HUNDRED blocks!!!  Enough for 5 more quilts.

(and a wee little moustached gift on top for the puppet master for all her hard work!) 

Thank you to those who contributed: Michele, Suzy, Becky, Felicity, Janet, Christine, Joy and the members of her Thunder Bay quilt group!  You guys are super stars!!

If you would like to contribute to Soy Amado, you can check out the project here and can still send blocks to Alison directly in the UK.


Shay said...

Such a great cause and a stellar effort from the Canadians!

Having heard about this through your blog I sent off a few blocks myself. 35 quilts is an amazing effort!

Little Island Quilting said...


felicity said...

I was delighted to contribute - thank you Kristie, for being the point person in Canada!

ipatchandquilt said...

You are fabulous!!! I love it when we quilters come together to pull of projects like this AWESOME!!!
I also contributed to this great cause!

Katy Cameron said...

WTG on all your recent makes, and your de-stressing plan really resonated, I'm intending to sit down and actually work out a proper schedule for myself this weekend.

Svetlana said...

wow, these are fantastic. Way to go you guys!!!!

liz said...

Awesome fellow Canucks!

I am the woman in USA who sent Alison 80 blocks.
Curious how much it cost to ship your 100 blocks, as I'll be in Ontario Canada in one month's time. My package cost $75 U.S. to ship from the Western US.

Thanks, and great job! It's been an honor to assist Alison in her fabulous project. She not only had a great idea, but also found a way to make it happen!

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