Friday, July 16, 2010

Applique t-shirt for my birthday girl

Five years old! I know it sounds cliche, but it seems like only yesterday....

The Middle Child always begins planning her birthday party in January, when Big G celebrates his birthday. This year, the undisputed theme was- FROG. We catch buckets of them at the lake, and she adores them, along with all creatures big and small- a really nurturer, my girl. So, I thought I would make her a froggie t-shirt for the big party.So cute yet so easy. I found this guy as a clip art online, then printed him onto some transfer paper from Dharma Trading. I ironed him on to a scrap of white solid, folded and pressed the edges, then blanket stitched it onto the pink floral fabric (her favorite from my stash). Again- fold, press, sew, on to a t-shirt I got at Old Navy for $5.
On the back, I added a little "surprise."
I think she liked it!
Party time, better "hop" to it! Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

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