Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back on the road, after a roadblock

Ready to roll on my Twin Wheels quilts for Suzy's babes! I had posted my plans here, then went to cut up quilt #1 and realized that it wasn't going to fly. I had calculated the fussy cut center squares to measure 3X3, but the cars on the fabric were mostly too large for that. Since the two quilts are going to be hung on the wall, side by side, I need them to finish up the same size, so I haven't much wiggle room (and had already cut quilt #2)..... Anyways, I tried to make the original design work a couple ways, but still felt unsatisfied, when my husband reminded me, "this is an opportunity to get creative." So, back to the drawing board I went, and came up with a couple new designs to show Suzy. Here is what we decided on:
This is an "original design," so we will see how it works out! I decided to do a brick pattern running vertically, but will vary the widths of the bricks to give it an asymmetrical and modern feel. I am also going to repeat fabrics in adjacent strips (can you tell from my scribbles?) to give it some "movement." I added a horizontal strip, which I think compliments Twin Quilt #2 design, which has a similar strip running vertically. I think these are going to be great. Now the fun begins as it all comes together!

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