Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A logo!

My crafty and fabulous friend Samantha has been at it again! She has offered to help me "pimp my blog" with a new design....or, any design at all, that is :-) I will be putting it up soon (I am a bit technically challenged, so bear with me). But in the meantime, today, on our girls' day out (she is in town visiting- yay!), she presented me with these beautiful things:
That's me, on the sewing machine. I think I look cute as a cartoon!

Don't you love the packaging?

And don't forget THESE:
Aren't they great? I love the square shape, and the backs are super cool. I feel like a rock star! Thanks, Sam!


Kelli said...

They are way cool! Keep this chick on the friend list! ; )
Have a great girls day out!

Rebecca Waddell said...

Very cool!