Monday, August 2, 2010

The Twin Quilt Saga, continued

Are you sick of hearing about these yet? Have I mentioned I have OCD?

Well, it was bugging me that the 2 quilt tops were not exactly to my liking. So to spare you the details, I decided to make one more. And here she is:

As you may recall, my original plan was to do a Chain Reaction style one, but the shapes of the cars would not work in the square shape to the measurements I needed. But my brain was kind of stubbornly stuck on this concept. So I decided to modify it to make it more rectangular, and run vertically instead of horizontally.
In the end, I think I am satisfied, and I think these two will hang nicely together on the wall.
But just in case it is actually TRIPLETS, I am ready, right? :-)I promise, this is that last you will hear of these until the babes are born and the quilts are bound and finished!


Kelli said...

Don't stress mate, You can't get too much of a good thing! They look great! Love the last one you did, glad you made the effort!

Anonymous said...

I love the third quilt - so beautiful for a little boy :)

Andy said...

so cute - I love Riley Blake fabric. The chain reaction quilt is great at framing up those fussy cut cars!