Sunday, August 8, 2010

We're back!

Back from our most excellent 3 weeks at the lake. Aside from 2 grocery runs (including scheduled blog updates to keep you entertained!) and one night spent at home due to a wedding, we were out there non-stop, and had a blast. Swimming, boating, tubing, fishing, skipping stones, long walks on the beach, campfires....all the good stuff. Not sure how I will assimilate back into normal life, but will have to try....back to work tomorrow!

Am looking forward to checking out all your blogs to catch up on what you all have been up to :-) I must say, I also managed to crank out 5 quilt tops and 4.5 pieced quilt backs, along with the tote bag, pillow case dresses and potholders you have heard about. In addition, I did make a respectable dent in my summer reading stack- tackled all the "fat" ones ( I like a book that lasts me awhile). Read the Thirst series about a 5000 year old female vampire- will give it a 6 out of 10, interesting enough to keep me reading to the ending (which I liked), but nothing to write home about. My favorite was Outlander, about a woman transported to the Highlands of Scotland in the 1700s- loved it, will definitely continue with that series! Am almost done the second Larsson book. These are murder-mysteries, which are not my usual genre, but they are really well written and I am loving them!

Here are a few shots from our holiday.


Steph said...

I really like Outlander as well, awesome series! Glad to hear you had an excellent vacation. I think I am going to try making that tote, would be perfect for the beach toys :)

Anonymous said...

What lovely holiday pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the my grandchildren. Thanks. Grandpa E