Sunday, October 24, 2010

Italian Memories Finale: Genova and back home

Our final stop in Italy was an overnight in Genova. Not a city commonly visited by most, but it was our point of arrival/departure, so we thought we would give it a look. We had a lovely walking tour of the old town by a very knowledgeable local guide, which made all the difference! We learned some interesting facts. Christopher Columbus was born in is a reproduction of his house: Also, the city was once walled, and still has many of these medieval walls fact, the amount remaining is second only to the Great Wall of China! Also saw many gorgeous examples of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture:

And I tried to convince the hubby that we need a scooter....don't they look fun?After our tour, we decided one last 4 course dinner was in order. We went to this very Old World restaurant recommended by our hotel....we were unsure at first, but ended up being the best yet! The executive chef came out to serve our dinner, and again to shake our hand as we left. Apparently, he has made pesto for both Popes Jean Paul and Benedicto (and has photo albums to prove it!), so I am assuming my pasta was Blessed!
Our wonderful holiday was slightly extended, thanks to the Air France we got an extra-long visit to the Genova airport, as well as an in-depth view of the Charles de Gaulle in Paris. But otherwise, could not have been more perfecto!

Now, back to reality.....


Steph said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time!! I would have a lot of trouble with the 4 course meal thing, would come home and not fit any of my clothes :)

Amy Friend said...

Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing time!