Monday, October 4, 2010

Quilting, Vegas style

I am loving all the little tidbits you guys have told me for the "It's a Small World" giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, today is the last day!

One last story from last weekend's reunion, then I promise I am done with it!

While in Calgary, Sam and I also hit a quilt store on our shopping extravaganza. FUN!!

Fabric shopping online is sooo much cheaper, especially for us Canadians, but there is something magical being in a quilt shop, surrounded by pretty things that you can touch and fondle and take home RIGHT NOW, especially when with a friend that gets as giddy as yourself. Had the BEST time, and picked up an assortment of fat quarters, mostly Riley Blake Rainy Days and Sundays, for no particular project, just because it made me happy. And, fabric has no expiration date, so the more the merrier, right? And then...we were told something VERY EXCITING.

The lovely lady cutting our fabric mentioned that she and her girlfriends had recently returned from Vegas, where they went on a day long "Quilt Shop TOUR!" Picked up at their hotel, then taken to 5-6 different quilt shops all day long, surrounded by decadent fabric...said they had the best day of their lives. I WANT IN!!!

Vegas, anyone???


Kelly Irene said...

Yes, please! I think a quilt tour is about the only thing that has truly sounded appealing in Vegas...maybe it's time to go!

carol said...

I did that tour, it was great. You pick how many shops, 3 up to 5, lunch included. Each shop gave us a discount. Then the tour lady helped me box up my purchases and she mailed it back home for me. I go to Vegas once a year for my husband's annual conference, and I run around town.