Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Day!

I am having a happy day.

Woke up this morning dreaming of a new quilt design....got scribbling in my "idea book".....more on this later!

Didn't even mind the cold weather because I wore a beautiful new scarf I bought in Italy. Bellissimo!

Got EVERYTHING checked off my enormous to-do list in my 2 kid-free hours this morning. Unheard of!

Hit the Thrift Store and found a bunch of great stuff:

A big bag of chunky weight yarn in creams and browns for $3.50, wooden embroidery hoops in various sized for under $4, cable knit sweaters and a purpley-pink wool sweater (only $1!)....not to be used as sweaters, of course! You'll see!
Over a yard of this white linen, for under $1!
Look at the embroidery on this sweet Christmas doily, for only 59 cents.
Yup. Me loves me a good deal.

Then I arrived home to find happiness in my mailbox. My scooter fabric had arrived! And a few coordinates....
Also, more wooden embroidery hoops! (yes, I have a plan...) Lastly, today is special because it is the birthday of my "first" baby, our much-neglected dog Bailey. He is now 11 years old! Looking a little worse for wear, especially with that crazy haircut due to a run-in with some fleas...but seems to like his new doggie pillow. Happy Birthday, Boy!


Anonymous said...

I love happy days like that

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Awesome! Cold weather sounds lovely, wish we had some down here in FL. Can you send some my way? Thank you very much! Those are some awesome finds, a good day indeed!

Anonymous said...

What great thrift finds! And I love you little dog - he's so cute! Can't wait to see what you do with those jumpers.