Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winner, and gallery of embarassing photos revealed

So, for a giveaway entry I had asked you to guess which of the Epcot countries I had visited in real life for a chance to win an Oliver and S layer cake. The options were:

United Kingdom

And a bonus entry for those who could guess where we spent our honeymoon!

Well, there is no fooling you people. I HAVE been to Italy, for our ten year anniversary (2010):

We had actually also visited Venice on a backpacking trip in 1999, and I had gone with my sister to Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa on a tour in 1995! One of my favorite countries :)


United Kingdom- England, Scotland and Wales, anyhow (1995). I didn't have a single good photo of myself there (well, there was one of me in front of a rock wearing a tank top and jean overall shorts. Seriously? Even I didn't have the guts to share that!), so here is one of my little sister in Edinburgh :)

France (1995, 1999). Paris (shown here) and Nice, mostly. Did some para-sailing in Nice and survived a bomb threat in the Paris train station!

Japan (1992, on a Rotary exchange trip- check out those bangs, baby! I was 3 inches taller back then!):
I stayed in a small town in northern Japan, and they treated me like royalty. I met the mayor, was in the local newspaper more than once, and they even put me in their parade! I was the only blond and a good foot taller than everyone else :)

Germany (1995, 1999). Here I am in Berlin in front of Brandenburg Gate. Also spent some time slugging beer in Munich and toured a couple of the German concentration camps.

Mexico (1997, 1999 and 2000 with the U of M Dentistry Class of 2000!). Nothing says Mexico like an iguana wearing a sombrero!

But NOT in Mexico for our honeymoon! Oh no. For that, we went to....Morocco! And southern Spain , too :)
Among many other adventures there, yes, we DID ride a camel! Took an excursion out on the Sahara on camel-back and then spent a night camping out on the dunes under the stars. Magical!

So lots of right answers, and only a few who got the bonus honeymoon question right- good for you! I feel really lucky to have had the chance to visit so many amazing places, and it was fun reminiscing as I sorted through some photos to share with you here! Can't wait to someday add to "my list"!

That puts it at 52 correct answers entered!
So, without further ado (or embarrassment), the winner is.....

SassyCathy! I have emailed you to let you know. Thanks for playing, everyone!


Little Island Quilting said...

Ha ha ha. Particularly like the picture of your sister in fashions have changed. Course I would be a whole lot less polite had the picture been of you ;-)
PS. Why have you got the word verification thingy on?

Gwen said...

So cool to have visited so many places in the world!! :-) I enjoyed your photos! :-) Congrats, SassyCathy! :-)

Poppyprint said...

LOVE seeing travel pix!!

Shay said...

Can you put Australia on your list for future travel. I know it's far away but I'd love to meet you in person!

None of those photos are THAT bad....(snicker, snicker)

bethanndodd said...

I am seriously jealous of all your travels. I have yet to make it out of the US!! Great flashback photos ;) Smiles to you~Beth

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you lovely comment on my latest project. Loving your traveling posts!

SassyCathy said...

I have been to Morroco once before. I rode a camel - but not for long - it was a baby. I also held a snake there.
Used to be a little more crazy than I currently am.
OH YAY!!! I was away from my computer and out of town for a few days - SO HAPPY to get back home and back to blogland ...
And find out - I WON!
Thank you!
Sassy Cathy