Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't drink and sew

I have been chilling at the cottage, and enjoying my fair share of this:

Late one such night, I had the brilliant idea to piece together one of the twin quilt tops, the interrupted strip quilt (design here). All large pieces, should come together quickly and easily, right? So off I went. And sure enough, it was a quick job. I went to square up the ends and noticed one side was higher by a good inch of more- no troubles, just went to it with my rotary blade and was already toasting my Awesomeness as I lay it on the ground to admire. Well, even in my current state I could see the problem- one side of the strips was way off compared to the other...thus explaining the excess. But I had already sheared it off- sh@*! Anyways, it had finished up large so I trimmed the entire periphery back and inch, but still have this:

I am sure I will come up with a solution with the binding! Overall, it looks nice.

I also pieced together the corresponding quilt top (revised design here)- this time, completely unimpaired, thank you very much!

And here are the set of them:

Not bad, but I am not as sure of the one on the right...... What do you think? It may be a bit too busy in relation to the first, and as they are meant to be hung on the wall side by side, I may want to change it up a bit. Maybe I will make a third and then decide the best 2 together?


CraftyMummy said...

Love the quilts! The colours look great together. Must admit I have been tempted to sew after a glass but fear the results... I'll take your pst as a reminder to be careful ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually love both the quilts. I think they will look fine hanging side by side - they contain the same prints, but are quite individual. Lovely work :)