Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick fix- patching up my man's jeans

So, we get to the cottage and my hubby presents me with a big bag FULL of jeans that look like this: Don't ask me what he does to get them like this!! Anyways, he asks if I can do something to fix them. For my kids, I would put some funky fabrics over the holes, but he is looking for something a little less flashy. But my options are few, as I have not been forewarned and don't have much at my disposal. I think of sacrificing one of the many pairs to patch the rest, but they are all different shades and colors so I don't think it will work. So then I come up with the idea of taking jean material from inside the back pockets.

So, I cut it out and then sewed around the pocket to close it off. Sometimes I used contrasting thread to give it a little interest.

The color is slightly darker here than the rest of the jean, but it even looks good flipped backwards:
However, the amount of material is limited. But in the end, the hubby was happy with the results. His comment: "These even look kind of stylish!" I don't know if I would go that far, but they are good enough for slumming it around the cottage :-)

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karen608 said...

That was clever using the seat fabric in the front and closing off the pocket/pockets!