Friday, June 11, 2010

La Dolce Vita

Ten years. Yikes! And a busy ten it has been. Couldn't have planned them is good.
(Cheesy photo, I know)

I mentioned yesterday that I had a big surprise planned for the hubby for our 10 year anniversary, and last night at dinner I sprung it on him! We are going to Italy!!! And that is not all.....I have booked us for a 5 day Porsche tour- essentially we (he) gets to drive us around the Italian Riviera in a Porsche, taking in the sites, staying at a fancy-schmancy dolce vita, my friends! Considering how he pours over his monthly Car and Driver magazine (while he continues to drive our 17 year old Volvo), you could say he was a bit excited:
And mostly surprised at my mastery in deception, I think (hmmm, this may come in handy in the future). I have been sneaking around booking tours and flights for months now, in cahoots with his staff at work to book him off, and overall just spending a tremendous amount of energy keeping my big mouth shut. It's going to be great! And a far cry from our last trip to Europe, incidentally 10 years ago, where we stayed in hostels and rode the night trains! Not that we didn't have a fabulous time then, too :-) We don't go until the fall, so we get to spend some delicious time dreaming and planning all the details!

Back in reality, it is another rainy weekend here, and I am so done with it. We have a string of birthday parties and fun planned, and as promised, I have some pictures of the crayon purse I made for Lauren and Serah, to coordinate with their dresses I posted here.
This is my first time making this in quilting cotton weight, so I used a fleecy interfacing and it turned out great! So sweet and girly. Inside, there is a pad of paper (covered with paper and sparkly flowers!), little puckered pockets to hold markers or crayons, and a pocket to stash stickers or their art.
Just the perfect size for little girls to tote around town!


Anonymous said...

Loved been part of the plot. GE

Magnolia Designs said...

Congrats, how exciting! I'm terribly jealous, and happy that you're celebrating 10 wonderful years I have to get Shayne to planning our 10th...he's got 5 more years to do it! Sorry I've been absent...lots of junk going on here. Everything you've done lately looks fab, as usual!