Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Summer Dresses

I get all nostalgic when I see smocked summer dresses- it makes me think of tubes tops from the '80s, jelly sandals and orange Popsicles! And shirring makes the cutest summer dresses.
I decided to make a set for the upcoming joint birthday bash for my goddaughter. Lauren, and her little sister, Serah. I chose Lila Tueller Santorini fabrics in purples, as that is their mom's favorite color. I more or less followed Heather Ross' tutorial on Martha Stewart found here. I made some modifications- I didn't backstitch for the shirring, and instead pulled on the elastic thread when done to make it bunch up even more. I also made my own version of straps, using some of the crochet trim I had picked up at my thrift store adventure. I then bound it, quilt style, along one edge. I was really happy with the end result! It just gives it a little "something something." It looks even cuter on...enter my daughter as a model......Next up- a crayon purse in matching colors! Stay tuned!

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