Monday, June 7, 2010

Memory Lane

They say you can't go back. Well, this weekend, I did, and it was wonderful!

For the first 18 summers of my life, my family packed up the pop-up trailer and headed south to Minnesota, specifically the Brainerd area, for a couple weeks of jumping off docks, hanging out with the cousins, racing go-carts and visiting Paul Bunyan. It has been equally long since my last visit. In celebration of my mom's 60th birthday, my sister and I thought it was high time to head back down Memory Lane! We visited all of our favorite places, just upgraded the accommodations from the pop-up, to this:
Not too shabby, eh? No need to repeat ALL of that ancient history, after all. We did try to convince my parents that, to get the full nostalgic experience, they should drive my 3 bratty kids the 7 hours back (they didn't bite on that one), but other than that, and the housing upgrade, we were pretty true to history. A trip to meet Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (with the classic kids-in-jail shot that Kathy, Dave and I had taken every year): Time playing by the beach: A visit to the old stomping grounds, Sullivan's Campground on North Long Lake (check out Kath and me in our new super-stylish sweatshirts!): And of course, we indulged in our favorite pizza- 2 nights!

It was a fantastic weekend, and a sentimental journey, all in one. You really can go back! And I am so glad we did, that I had the opportunity to share an important piece of my childhood with my own kids. Happy birthday, Mom!

p.s. Have I ever mentioned that OCD also stands for "obsessive Cullen disorder?" Yes, I am a shameless Twilight fan. And look who I happened to find wandering about the Northwoods!!

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I love summer because of holidays.
- Karen Moon