Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thrifty Me

Yes, ME. Okay, I may not normally be known as being particularly thrifty, but trust me, I love me a good deal. And today, I found several! I have been meaning to visit some local thrift shops but never seem to find the time. This weekend, I was reading MADE, and decided I needed to make it a priority . And oh, did I have fun!
I bought (I wish I was a photographer, to truly show the greatness!):
- a vintage full sheet set, floral in pinks, browns, green and cream that I plan to use as a quilt backing and as part of a top
- a saucy little yellow floral pillowcase, which my middle child claimed ("MOM, I want thaaaat! Can you make me a dress?")
- 3 vintage patterns, circa 1980, for a coat/vest, yoked tiered dress, and bohemian style tops (for 10 cents each!!)
- a classic vase- in case my hubby buys me flowers. But in the meantime, it held all my notions that I purchased such as.... - a heap of vintage wooden buttons
- another funky charcoal button
- crochet lace trim (planned to use as sundress straps)
- twill tape
- an 8" zipper, intended for my next clutch
- embroidered trim that will look so sweet as a purse strap or on top of a dress

ALL this for the bargain price of...(drum roll)......$10.90!

Seriously. I. Am. So. Happy.
I better go sew that pillowcase dress!

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Rebecca Waddell said...

Hi there! Found your blog by following a link on MADE! Small world!