Thursday, June 17, 2010

A shirred dress for my BFF

It was my best friend Michele's birthday yesterday. She just had a big birthday bash on the weekend for her two lovely daughters, and I had blogged how I made them an artist purse and some shirred summer dresses. Well, Michele not-so-subtly asked if I made them in adult size, and mentioned "it is my birthday next week, you know......" So, my brain started whirling, I went shopping and found some sweet summer weight purple fabric (her favorite color), and here is what I came up with: Now firstly, let me impress upon you that I am a girl who loves to balance her gym activities with nachos, wine and chocolate- I am no model! But, I am pleased with how this dress turned out. Firstly, it is SO COMFORTABLE. And I really like the arm hole modification I made, so you don't have a pile of fabric bunching up in your pits, but it still rises high enough in the front to cover up your ta-tas :-) Maybe I will make another for me, and post a tutorial?

I am also at work on my next quilt, for our long time babysitter who will finish up with us this summer. It will be in reds, whites and blacks, her favorite colors (though admittedly not mine....). I made a sample block:
I had originally wanted to do a modified Bento Box design, but with only 3 colors in the mix, I thought the effect would likely be lost. Instead, I plan to alternate white and black solid blocks, framing the patterns inside. Off to the cutting mat I go!

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Kelli said...

Ace dress, Well done!
I can't wait to see your quilt. Great ideas for the pattern.