Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ruffle neck dress

I love this dress. I made it last summer for The Middle Child, but this year, it fits Last But Not Least (she's my sassy one). So sweet! The ruffle at the neck was the selling feature.
I used a pattern I bought here, and whipped it up in Alexander Henry's "jewel mobile," which I absolutely love. I bought enough to make something for ME to wear (if I ever get around to sewing clothes for myself). This is a benefit of having 2 girls- if you make the effort to sew a dress for the older one, you know it will get to be used again. Today was a beautiful day, so I shirked all the responsibilities of the "to do" list this afternoon and we took off to the park to enjoy the sunshine!


Trina G said...

I want a dress like that! OM Gosh - that is just the cutest!

Grandpa E said...

Loved the dresses and models.