Monday, June 21, 2010

Sam's Skills

I need to introduce you to my other very special BFF, Samantha. She is a Crafty Goddess in my eyes, she has such a keen eye for detail and is always coming up with the most beautiful stuff! She is good at EVERYTHING- sewing, jewelry, stamping, graphics- and even has an online store for her printed paper products, which are so decadent! Plus, she is always there to cheer me on in my crafting adventures. Unfortunately, she lives half way across the country, but, thanks to her wonderful mom, who we affectionately refer to as the "gift mule" for toting our latest crafty gifts back and forth all year, we still manage to exchange many-o-crafts, followed by phone calls squealing over all the assembly details...ahh, I miss you, Sam!
Sam actually gets credit for sparking my interest in sewing, when she made this doll as a birthday gift for Last But Not Least:
I was amazed, and adored the fabrics. Sam got me started- with the all-important shopping side. "Go to etsy, that's e-t-s-y, look up Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Heather Ross, Moda...and call me back." The rest is history!

Anyhoo, this week, Sam's Amazing Mom dropped off yet another package for me and the kids (Squeal!). Here is (some of) what she sent-

Mommy calling cards- sooo cute, and in a hand made fabric snap packet to die for!
An Edward bookmark (bless her), that she hand stamped on silver herself, packaged in a faux leather case:Head bands, clips and decorative bobby pins for the girls, and a fabric Matryoshka doll holder to organize them made of twill tape.Plus adorable handmade monogram sacs to wrap them all in!


Thanks, Samantha, for being such a generous friend, for "getting" me, for always inspiring me...and for the helpful tips for how to hide the latest fabric purchase from the hubby. You make me a better crafter!

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Stephanie said...

Hi, I am curious...just ordered my first fabric order off Etsy and am now afraid I will be charged duty ( and then the damn PO charges $7 to collect the duty!). Have you actually ordered off etsy and did you get charged duty?

I like your fabric flower, gonna have to try it. Think I would like to put it on the waistline of a blouse.