Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black thumb canning

Hello, my name is Kristie, and I have a Black Thumb. The exact opposite of a Green Thumb, that is. I cannot grow a plant to save my life. Just ask this guy: A kind friend did a kind deed by giving me this orchid (at the time, it was really pretty). Little did she know, she had made herself an accomplice to MURDER (insert eviiiil laugh). It took me less than a month to kill it.....I do read the instructions (and mostly follow them), but no matter. Any plant entering my home has its days numbered. My excuse is that I keep 3 kids, a dog, my husband and myself alive- isn't that enough?

But, in Manitoba, there is a mighty hearty perennial called the rhubarb plant. We inherited a super strong and healthy plant when we bought our current house, 3 years ago. It was HUGE- produced stalks as tall as my kids! Great for all sorts of cooking and baking.
Last summer we had our yard redone, and I asked the landscaper to save my rhubarb plant. He forgot, and it got folded into the soil, and covered in a layer of tarp, and then rocks (when the landscaper asked what I would like in my garden, my answer was "rocks"). Wouldn't you know it, but that darn plant managed to push up from under the tarp, break through the rocks and grow! That is a serious survival instinct! So, I made rhubarb cookies (seriously amazing). And rhubarb crisps. And today, rhubarb jam. I got an awesome apple rhubarb jam recipe that tastes like apple pie on your toast- yum! While I was at the canning, I also made some of my favorite peach tomato salsa (with all store-bought produce, thank you very much!). I had an enthusiastic little helper, too :-) So, as much as I would like to be that woman with the thriving garden full of fresh edibles, I think I will resist, buy my produce, and let those plants live. Except for my unkillable rhubarb, that is!

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Kelli said...

Thats hilarious!
I am just like that too! I have 4 plants in pots near my back door that I look after, the rest have to fend for themselves!
That rhubarb plants sounds perfect!
wish I was closer, your cooking looks yummy! Maybe it was your helpers gorgeous smile that helps : )