Sunday, September 12, 2010

Conversations with my kids....

Out of the mouths of are a couple treasures my kids have uttered lately.

Last But Not Least, my 3 year old, curled up in bed with her stuffed frog.
LBNL: Mom, I am worried.
Me: About what?
LBNL: What if my frog turns yellow when I am sleeping?
Me: Why do you think that might happen?
LBNL: Because my teacher taught us how the green leaves turn yellow in fall, what if the green froggies do, too? Big G, my 6 year old son, and I were having a talk about our elderly dog, Bailey, who is not in the best of health.
Big G: Mom, is Bailey going to die soon?
Me: I hope not, Sweety. But he is getting older, and all of us die eventually and go to Heaven, it's okay!
Big G: But 11 is not old. Mom, you are, like, REALLY old.....
Me: Thanks.....
Big G: But wait! You still haven't had a turn to be a grandma and use a walking stick, so I think you have awhile yet before you get dead.
Me: Phew! By the way, Big G also said "Holy S*$t" this week.....not nearly so cute.


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Kids have such unique thinking patterns! I can sit and chat with kids for hours and love to hear their take on things.

BTW, your kids are adorable:)

Rebecca Waddell said...


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! Love the way they reason through things :)